Monday, September 22, 2008

Brittney... the brave one

My first-ever "real" photoshoot was the result of my dear friend Missy trusting me with her daughter, Brittney's, Senior Pictures! It took us awhile to find a date where we all were free, but oh, it was so worth it! We went out last week on a BEAUTIFUL day and spent about an hour at Rockcastle. Brittney is one of the sweetest hearts I've ever known. She is gorgeous, inside and out. We had a lot of fun!!!!
This was one of our first shots - bullseye!

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Our 2nd location was this barn near their house - the weeds were high, the sun was setting and God only knows what we were stepping in... but oh, the pictures!!! These were later in the shoot but I had to go ahead and put them on here:
This shot blows my mind. She's a gazelle. Effortless. Big sigh.
I love these next 2. They are very similar, but if you look closely there is something very different in her face. This first one is a little more hesitant...
...and then in this one she seems more confident to me. She has chosen her path.
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This is the Britt I know!
I hope Scotty has his stick ready...

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We brought this chair from my house - it really went well with her outfit and the setting!
I was so upset that this shot came out a little blurry - it was her best pose on the chair! But, I decided to add a little film grain to it and just embrace it.

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I love the lighting in this one...
Once mom Malissa and sister Emily arrived at the shoot, Britt really started loosening up. We were all just chatting and I caught Brittney in this position and snapped it!

The barn was magical. I wish the sun had been to MY back instead of hers, but we made it work!
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Tiny dancer...
One of my favorites... it's as though the grass is tickling her feet
This is just classic Britt
Brittney and the Barn were both breathtaking!!!!

Thank you Brittney, for trusting me with your Senior Pictures! You ROCK!
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

My niece Morgan... target practice!

Ok, so when I decided to take this photography thing seriously, I realized I needed some practice! I found out my beautiful niece was coming in town with my mom to visit so I asked her if I could use her to hone my skills. Abbey tagged along (see other post). We drove all over Hendersonville and the girls were WONDERFUL little guinea pigs for me! Here are just SOME of the breathtaking photos I took of Morgan...

I'm thinking the jumpy picture is going to be one of my signature shots. Morgan is a dancer, can you tell???
I know this look...

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This girl has personality coming out her pores...

All-American girl...
Don't even think about it...
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We had finished the shoot and were going into my house and I remembered I wanted to get some shots by a brick wall. I happened to have one - my house! I quickly took out my camera and we snapped these without a second thought. They were some of my favorites!!!

I love you, Morgie! You are a star and I'm so glad to know you!!!!